Adele's passion for teaching is felt through her skillful voice and sweetness. You can almost taste one of her amazing brownies while you are in her class. She perfectly blends her skill as a cook with the ones of the yoga:) I highly suggest her yoga classes: smooth, clear, fun!!
Patrizia Faggi, Yoga Student, London

I've never done yoga in a class before so I was really nervous of attending, but I found that Adele's instructions were clear and she made me very relaxed in the class. - It was a good starter to yoga for me!
Andrea Muzzell, Yoga Student, London

Adele teaches with a beautiful grace and humour whilst also being very attentive to alignment and creative sequencing. Her classes are fun and uplifting but also leave you feeling centred and whole. I highly recommend her both for her talent as a teacher and her lovely warm personality.
Rosanna Kalliabetsos, InJoy Yoga, London

Adele is a great teacher and I look forward to her class each week. She clearly explains postures, and makes sure no-one gets left behind. She also puts a lot of thought into the overall theme and structure of her classes, making sure we learn something new in each session.
Richard Crappsley, Yoga Student, London

Adele’s teaching demonstrates a thorough understanding of yoga. Her passion and depth of personal study and practice really shines through in the way she takes her students safely and effectively through the class. I would be happy for Adele to cover my adult yoga classes.
Kate Coulson, BabyFit, Norwich

Adele's yoga classes are such a welcome break from the working day! The way in which she relates the yoga method to real-life situations makes for a really practical session which I can take away with me and think about outside of class. I definately feel more relaxed and am gaining a new perspective on life to help me deal with stressful situations.
Rachel Horler, Yoga Student, London

I enjoyed Adele's teaching immensely. She has a calm manner and put everyone at ease with her expert adjustments and clear anatomical instructions. She also has a lovely down to earth sense of humour which helped all of us to lighten up and enjoy our Yoga practise, even the more challenging postures!
Bea Fritzsching, Yoga Teacher, London