Thursday, 5 January 2012

The end... the beginning

I’ve been a bit shy this week about writing a blog this week. It’s because there are like a million out there advising new starts, resolutions etc. etc. Not that I have a problem with that at all, it always great to know when deep in your heart that you want to make a change and to commit to that. It’s just that I’m not really one to jump on a bandwagon. Right now I’d rather talk about endings.

Last year I committed to practicing yoga for 365 days in a row. I blogged about it a few times during the year to keep myself in check but pretty much once I’d committed to it and said it out loud there wasn’t really any question that I’d complete my self-imposed challenge.

And without a doubt it was the single most influential decision I made in 2011.

What is boiled down to was surrender. Which is a tricky word for someone who loves to be in control, if I surrender, who’s going to be running things? What I know now though is that you’re surrendering to your own heart: that part of you deep inside which already knows everything you need to know and is complete. This is Purna, one of the characteristics of the divine, that which is ever present and perfect. That’s what I gave myself over to, because it was hard. Getting up in the morning and doing asana, rushing through a few poses when I had to get out early, dragging myself to my bolster when I was ill, making myself get on my mat when I really wasn’t feeling very perfect. That’s when it was hard.

What I learnt, however, was that those were exactly the times when I needed to be there. More than when life was flowing beautiful.

I ended feeling so grateful for that decision that I kicked my own butt at New Year’s Eve and did a six hour eye of the tiger practice. Now that’s rock and roll!

What’s in store for 2012? I'll just say that an end is the beginning of something new...

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