Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Divine playtime

I’ve been lucky enough recently to spend a bit of time with my nephews (18 and 6 months). I just love how everything is play and everything is so fascinating at that age. I remember not wanting to come in from playing in the evening because I was so absorbed by it, that’s not coming into eat. That’s almost unheard of now!

So I developed an appetite, I developed the teenager’s attitude of knowing everything then I developed the adult attitude of having to pretend to know everything. It’s taken me quite a while to break down that shell and find the inner child again. That’s why I’m proud to say this decade is my misspent 30s.

How does this relate to yoga? Because of course it does! One of the main reasons I practice yoga is that I love it and it’s fun. Simple as, and yet, so easy to forget when one gets caught up with technique and philosophy or just having it on the end of a long to do list. At the end of the day, something brought me to the mat and something takes me back every single day. It’s the biggest, bestest expression of joy that I can give. When I want to honour this I bring it to the mat and play, just like my nephews.

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