Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dancing with fear

There are load of occasions in life where we believe we get thrown off course in a way which we wouldn’t have chosen. Stuff happens and before we know how we’re in the middle of it, with no clue how we got there or how it’s going to play out.

Our responses range from our rational mind going into overdrive, trying to figure out the options and putting probabilities against each one to try and glimpse into the future. Or we shut down and pretend it’s not happening at all, pretend everything’s going to get back to normal. We really don’t want to stay in the moment, it’s unpleasant.

The difficulty is that we can never really move through something unless we acknowledge it; admit that it exists, that we’re frightened by it and bring it to our yoga mat. We then move through a grounding practice with a focus on creating space for opportunities to arise and changes to occur. It takes really dedication and spirit to look our fears full in the face and own them. What we find when we do this is that they don’t own us.

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