Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Bubbling over

I was at an amazing workshop with the delightful Sianna Sherman last weekend. She is so full of light and inspiration you can’t help but get set on fire when you’re in her presence. I always come away from these adventures bubbling over with things to share. And yet, there’s a process of assimilation which goes on for me right now which means that I have to take time contemplating the information and truly making it my own. That way, when I come to teach it, it’s an authentic representation of my experience.

So I’ve learnt to allow myself this time and space because I know that things will bubble up and then I get to share. It’s so often like that when we’re on the mat that we come into a posture, we align, and then we just wait and see what happens. We just wait and breathe, then suddenly the pose opens up and we find ourselves in a completely new space and a whole new perspective.

I love diving deep into Anusara for many reasons and this is one of them. Yes, the content’s the same but the reality is that we hear it differently at different times and then when it comes to speaking it ourselves we’ll interpret it differently each time. It’s like having kaleidoscope of imagery which makes it deeper and richer each time.

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