Friday, 15 July 2011


I’m pretty excited because I’m over halfway through the challenge I set myself at the beginning of the year to practice yoga every day, #365yoga as it’s known on Twitter. I felt the need to deeply commit to an asana practice as a way of moving more deeply into a meditation practice. My meditation commitment has been sketchy at best so I figured going via this tried and test might help me out.

It’s been interesting.

The thing is that I’m much more drawn to the asana. It keeps my mind busy and my body moving which I love the feeling of. All in all, sitting on a cushion kind of feels a bit less glam. But here’s what I’ve found recently: there are moments when my brain just floats on the mantra and I’m buoyed by the feeling of my breath. They’re brief and they might not even happen during a sitting but they keep me going back. I’m also finding that, must like after asana, I feel better and I’m not willing the timer to ring. I’m just staying with what is. All good things for practice and for life.

The research continues…

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