Monday, 18 July 2011

Peeling away the layers

This last month has been a real eye opener in terms of understanding the importance of my own practice to my teaching. I really can’t underestimate how important my practice is to me and that’s just amplified when I come to verbalise it. Sure, you can say “now, scoop your tailbone” but how does that feel, what are you going to get from that. I know because when I get a good Outer Spiral going on my backbends go through the roof. I guess what I’m saying is that the better I know the principals in my own body the better I can see and articulate what’s going on in others.

What’s really exciting is that there are layers and layers and layers. I’m assuming this goes on infinitely but haven’t got their yet! I think it was Tara Judelle I once heard say that learning the principals is like going to school, you learn them, and then you get to learn them all over again at a new level. It just keeps on refining itself. This feels nothing like a burden, more an ever inspiring, ever expanding view of body, mind and soul. It’s really beautiful and I can’t wait for the next layer.

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