Friday, 22 July 2011

Making Magic

Relationships are hard. All relationships. What I find particularly difficult is when someone is suffering and you want to help them but know there’s nothing you can do. It’s their stuff and they need to work through it. All you can really do is create space for them to open up and confide in you.

I think mostly this is where the idea of being a magician rather than a tyrant comes from. In this context the definition of magician is someone who creates alchemy within themselves to change. They’re into changing their rubbish into gold, to work on new Samskaras (grooves of patterned behaviour we hold onto). On the other hand a tyrant is someone who wants to change and control everyone else. It’s a sweet theme started on by Marc Holzman, who got it from Elena Brower.

For me this all adds up to looking inside first and seeing perhaps that what we reflect out has an impact on the relationships we’re cultivating with others. If we’re sending out magic, magic will be all around. Someone once said to me that when she walked out of the door in the morning thinking “wow, I wonder what amazing this is going to happen to me today” something magical did happen.

And really, who doesn’t want more magic in their life.

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