Friday, 1 April 2011


In preparation for the workshop I'm assisting in on Saturday, I've been considering the concept of oneness. This is the aspect of tantric philosophy which posits that at our essence we are one, we breath the same air, we walk on the same earth, we are, inherently, the same. This is all well and good, yet for me it raises two questions:
Firstly, it's easy when we're enjoying a glass of wine with a great friend or getting comfy in the arms of a loved one. It gets more tricky when you've been trampled in rush hour / yelled at by the boss / ripped off. At these moments it's very difficult to see this as a perfect soul who happens that day to be late for their wife's birthday / under pressure by shareholders / in need of something.

Secondly, if we are all one, where does that leave me? The individual who has learnt, struggled and played to where to be who they are?

When I'm contracted by these sensations I try to remind myself, (ah remembrance, the subject of a future post) that as yogis we hold the eternal paradox: to see the world as a part of ourself we must go inside and find our Self. Theoretically intangible, this experience becomes tangible when we place our awareness within ourselves and understand that we are, as Mark Darcy would say to Bridget Jones, perfect, just as we are. And our true Self is our unique individuality.

Our world is a reflection of our inner consciousness, I know, I've been on all levels of that spectrum, it's up to us what we want that reflection to be.

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