Friday, 1 April 2011

Through commitment, celebration

This week, I've been considering how to express Organic Energy the fifth of Anusara Yoga's 5 Universal Principals of Alignment. If always feels to me like a rounding out, offering your highest back out to something greater.

Yet, there could be no Organic Energy without the other primary principals: Open To Grace and Muscular Energy.

I liken it to organising a big event, something which I do a fair amount of. At first the task seems so enormous, with so many disparate pieces, the only thing to do is: take a step back, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Only then and always keeping the bigger picture in mind, can you begin to organise the pieces and keep refining and refining until finally you get to enjoy your day unfurl as a final expression of everything which went before.

This is why I like Anusara Yoga so much, well one of the myriad of reasons! You can apply the principals off the mat, directly into whatever situation you're in right now. We are a product of everything which came before and we get to celebrate that right in this moment.

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