Saturday, 8 October 2011

Making space

For the first time I’ve decided to set a theme for the year ahead. My journey in teaching so far as been one of exploration, of implementing the phenomenal training I’ve had and finding my own voice as a teacher. The seed for a theme were planted in the spring, when I took a class on yogaglo with Marc Holzman. The class invites us to recognise our unique gifts and share them, a class was based on a Stephen Cope article. It was extraordinary that I took that class with absolutely no expectation of actually figuring out what my unique gift was and within 10 minutes after the final OM and moving about the rest of my day it popped into my head. Like a lightening flash I knew my unique gift and I spent the next week unpacking this revelation so that I could really figure out what I was going to do with it. Then, little by little, I began to live by that intention.

This practice allowed me to really figure out why I teach yoga, what is it that I have which is unique to offer. This week I reached a threshold, a feeling that I was ready to make space, to clear, to let a few things go which I don’t need any more. I got a bit of help from a holistic therapist and some accupuncture needles. The result is that I’ve cleared space and the next three months of this year is going to be about using that blank canvas to create my theme for 2012. Watch this space.

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