Friday, 28 October 2011

Note to self...

As the nights draw in, some days it’s hard to get on the mat. What I find even harder though (and always have) is the ability to sit down to meditate. It’s pretty crazy what your brain does if you sit and watch it for even a few minutes, not to mention how looooong those few minutes can be. I definitely know when I’m overstretching myself because being able to settle down to mediate is near impossible and definitely the first thing to get dropped off the to do list.

So that leads me to think it’s probably the thing I need to do most – you love asana so much though (says my inner dialogue) – which is true – and there’s so many other things to do (it continues). So why should I meditate? I have a solid practice and I feel like I’m a pretty nice person... most of the time. The thing is, when I do find the time to meditate, the world kind of expands for me. It’s weird, it’s like the to-do list is somewhat irrelevant and yet I manage everything with so much more style. Not that I really expect to “get” anything when I meditate, it’s just nice to notice what comes up. What I’m noticing right now is I need to get my butt on the cushion more often and make a bit of space for me.

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