Monday, 5 December 2011

Counting my blessings...

As a preparation for my 2012 theme, I sat down with one of my good friends and figured out what we feel is really important to us. Yes, it’s true; I can’t go out to dinner any more without some kind of yogic element! It was a really interesting discussion which I’ll be sharing some of the outcomes of over the next few weeks.
When we boiled it down, there were five words which really resonated with me. They resonated so much that I wanted to build a series of three classes around them to close out this most phenomenal year. They come in the order in which they felt most sequential.

First is gratitude. This is a theme which occurs and reoccurs for me regularly and one which I can so easily forget. The point is that when we take time to appreciate everything we have to be thankful for a few things happen. First, we notice things which we didn’t notice before, like a couple of weeks ago I looked outside and saw a few of London bathed in gold as the leaves were turning into their autumn shade.

Then, I’ve found that (and it’s not as if all the bad stuff goes away, it’s not that at all), it’s just that it seems less relevant when stacked up next to all the blessings. It takes practice, that irritating email which stays with you and you take it home and grumble about it to your partner all evening. You know what, when you remember something you really like about yourself the email doesn’t matter so much.

What happens next is pure alchemy and I’m definitely. Can I see the tough stuff as blessings aswell? Woah. I mean really, when I got back on my mat after several days of child’s pose, it felt unbelievably good. Can I remember that next time my life creates a situation where I can’t practice in my usual way how amazing it is that I got to practice at all?

So try this when you meditate: count your blessings. Spend the entire time building up all the things you’re grateful for: what’s stable in your life, your relationships, your history, yourself and your skills, your achievements, every person who touches your day and you never see...

If you don’t have a meditation practice, take some time when you’re in a queue and do some counting.

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