Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A mo for slo

There are a ton of colds going around at the moment, it’s that time of year. I tend to feel like the cold I have right now is slowing me down and stopping me getting to all the stuff I need to do. That is until I change my perspective around it a little.

If I believe in Anusara yoga then I need to figure out what it means at any situation:

Anusara - [a-nu-sar-a] means “to be in the flow”, “flowing with Grace”, “the soul in the flow with the Universe”, “following your heart”
Anusara Teacher Training Manual, John Friend

Honestly, when I first heard this, it felt a little passive. Like I didn’t have a lot to do with it and that made me feel disempowered, which is definitely not why I do yoga. However, what I’ve learnt and continue to learn every day is that there is a huge difference in being swept along with events and truly knowing, then following what is in your heart. Again, following the “heart”, as in the energetic centre of your body as opposed to the internal organ, is definitely something I had to learn. It sounded very esoteric and intangible when I first heard it.

What I have learnt, through many hours on my mat and listening to some really fabulous teachers is that my heart is where my true knowledge lies, what we call Cit. As yogis what we get to do is tune into this, become more skilled in recognising it and then follow it. It comes from way inside yourself and in truth, may look kinda crazy to the outside world. Yoga is, as the Bhagavad Gita tells us, skill in action... and that’s empowering.

So what does all of this have to do with my cold? My cold is a message, a pretty strong one, to take it easy. It is officially winter now, all around us nature is slowing down and I need to align to that, to flow with it. My heart knows that and rather than assume that I know best, like the adverts which say “take this remedy and don’t miss a single day”, remember that this is the time to rest, look after myself and turn inwards, to attune to the bigger pulsation of nature. I think I'm going to enjoy my slightly involuntary break!

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