Thursday, 17 November 2011

Whatever next?!!!

A little update on my 365 day yoga challenge: in summary, the very cool think about yoga is it doesn’t burn you out. Well, it might for a couple of days as your muscles screech at you but in general, you’re revitalised. That’s how come I can get up early, do my practice and get through my day relatively unscathed. I feel more tired when I don’t practice in the morning, which, honestly hasn’t really happened this year... so far. The 365 day yoga challenge isn’t really a thing anymore, it just is. I practice yoga every day. Somehow I find a way.

This is really why I felt like: hmmm, what would happened if I leapt for the stars and built up to a full blown tiger’s practice as a little Christmas present to myself (follow the blog if you want to see what this entails, they’re not just words, I’m really doing these practices and they are so awesome). It’s pretty amazing to me the effects that three hours of practice have on my body and mind. Sure, I’ve practiced that much but never alone, just with some music and some poses in my head. They say that every time you step onto your mat something shifts. That definitely happens and I’m just finding that when I shift if up a gear, like right now, it’s tectonic. I really can’t wait to see where this journey goes next...

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