Monday, 28 November 2011

Couldn't resist... Harry Potter yoga

When I saw this article: Harry Potter and yoga are evil', says Catholic Church exorcist I admit I smirked. I smirked because the sprite in me met with the yoga teacher in me and I asked myself the question: what about Harry Potter yoga, is that double evil or do two negatives make a positive?...

...because I’m a Tantrika and make it my business to see intrinsic goodness in every situation (no matter how H.A.R.D. that may be), I’m going to say it’s positive.

So, since it’s positive and yoga is all about seeing the good, what would a Harry Potter yoga class look like?

One of the few things I know about Harry Potter (I know, I must be the only one on the planet) is the Dementors who pray on the positive emotions of their victims (yep, I got that from Wikipedia). Of course, and hurray, the Tantrikas got there first, sorry JK... they call this the Malas.  It’s ok, you don’t have to boo, remember, there is good in Dementors too. The Malas are a film which clouds your heart of your super-naturalness (allow me that one pun...). It’s what stops you seeing how miraculous you really are.

Now, because the Tantrikas were so wicked they knew that the film of Malas is - because everything is - a good thing. Wait, how can something which clouds your heart be a good thing? Because, get out my wizard’s wand, wave it, cast a spell: if it wasn’t there you would have no contrast. If you didn’t go to wizarding school and have bewitching teachers, how would you get to be such a great wizard? If you didn’t have sticky situations to conjure yourself out of, how would you learn? If you had nothing as comparison, how would you know?

Abracadabra, one Harry Potter yoga class!

For the geeks (note: late at night with a cold, please refine - oops, there’s my Malas, Anava if we’re going technical):

Key Actions - Hugging to the midline and full extension from the core to finger/toenails
Heart qualities - super-natural power and magic sparkles
Apex - um, oooh let’s go Eka Pada Galavasana I, or pretty much any arm balance/hip opener combo

Go, do magic...

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