Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Thank you mother India!

3 Generartions: mum, brother and nephew
This week I’m so honoured to be hosting a charity class in aid of Yoga Gives Back with my great friend and colleague, Lexy Kho. OK, admittedly this is a little bit of a plug for the class. However, it’s also a reflection on the theme without too many spoilers...

It’s such an honour because we get to remember how lucky we are to have this gift of yoga and also how lucky we are to be nurtured by our female relations and friends. Not to mention the mother of them all Shakti, the divine feminine energy, I totally jump on that slipstream with thanks every day.

It really moves me to think of the lineage of my personal female role models which have created a nurturing and supportive space for me to fly free. I find it truly astonishing that I was carried for nine months, looked after for 18 years (honestly, that’s still happening, I phoned my mum last week with a dilemma!) with the sole purpose of letting us go.

How yogic is that? We get on our mats, plug in our muscles, sweat, push boundaries and then we take Savasana and let it go.

So, here’s the plug: there are still places free on Friday, email me to book your place!

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