Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Yoga from the inside out

We talk a lot about yoga from the inside out. It’s pretty pervasive, Google yoga from the inside out and you’ll see what I mean. There a wonderful book by Christina Sell, called Yoga from the Inside Out which rocked my world the first time I read it. So, as always, how do we put this on our mats? It’s definitely not the only way but I’ve been practicing this recently through the three focal points in Anusara yoga: the core of the pelvis, base of the heart and the upper palate. This is where energy pools and the point from which we extend back out into the world as our brightest selves.

When we know ourselves better we know our truth, our authenticity and we move from that place. What is it that we truly desire, that we really want to align ourselves with. Then we are in a place of responding rather than reacting, moving from our heart to another heart. The barriers we build up for ourselves come crashing down and there is no hiding our light. I’ve been finding recently that when I place my true intention of what I most desire from my heart in the focal point of the pose I’m working with I get so much more on and off the mat. It is very super cool.

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