Friday, 2 September 2011

Martin Kirk is coming to London!

 Very, click here for details.

The Biomechanics of Anusara Yoga
Asana, anatomy & therapy
21-23rd October
Join Martin Kirk, one of Anusara Yoga's most highly trained certified teachers, as he weaves a full weekend of anatomy, therapeutics, asana and fun.

Martin Kirk , MSBME, is a certified Anusara teacher since 2001 and has a masters degree in Biomedical Engineering. Martin's understanding of the body is extensive. Now legendary, his anatomy and therapy trainings are in great demand worldwide.

This training is ESSENTIAL for all Hatha yoga teachers and for students who wish to deepen their understanding of the body and expand their practice. This is Martin's first workshop of this kind in the UK.

Fall in love with the majesty of the human body through artful presentations, hands-on therapeutic adjustments and practices designed to deepen your awareness of how your body optimally aligns itself for greater health.

Martin has a gift of being able to educate total beginners while engaging the sustained interest of yoga specialists, bodywork professionals and medical students/professionals. Take your practice to a whole new level of mastery!

1-4pm 'From the Core' - Anatomy of the amazing Spine and Pelvis
6-9pm Therapeutics for a Healthy Back

9am-12pm Yoga Class - Mastering Back Bends (all levels welcome)
2-5pm 'Within Reach' - Anatomy of the Expressive Shoulders and Arms

9am-12pm Therapeutics for Open and Pain Free Shoulders/Elbows
Martin Kirk is the author of the highly successful book Hatha Yoga Illustrated and co-author (along with J Ellen Saltonstall and Jordan Kirk) of the upcoming Yoga Anatomy: The Biomechanics of Anusara Yoga. Martin lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA with his wife and son.
To book your place on this amazing weekend training please email

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