Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Layers are in!

The cool thing about Anusara yoga, the thing of many of course, is how we layer refinements on refinements to further enhance the beauty of each pose. It’s amazing to me that the poses I do every day are never boring, there’s always another place to go with them, another level of refinement to add. It’s tough, definitely but so worth it. My practice is an ever evolving process of self discovery and the very cool thing is that I get to practice with anyone because yoga will always meet us where we are.
This isn’t something I ever want to lose, I don’t think that would even be possible at this stage, it’s just too fascinating to delve deep, draw in more, expand that one last step. Most days I just can’t wait to get on my mat and explore this, to figure out what’s important to me in that moment and put my whole heart and soul there. And it works. I recently was studying with some Danish teachers, it was towards the end of the day and we were all a bit tired, they defaulted back to teaching in Danish. It was such a fascinating experience how instructions linked with heart qualities really did expand the experience. I came out of the pose way sooner than the Danes. It was a real lesson as to how powerful this stuff is, I always want to practice and teach by offering it up to something higher. It just works.

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