Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Listen, tweak, refine

I’ve been all caught up with the 3As of Anusara yoga for the last week. It always makes me so happy how simple it is and yet how deep you can go with them. It’s been something I’ve been playing with in my own practice this week as I try to pull all the As into a wonderful triad and figure out in my head how each interplays with the other.

I reckon self practice is the perfect place to demo the 3As. It’s like that rectangle of rubber is a little laboratory where you get to test out your Attitude and Alignment with a little bit of Action. Thing is, you can’t really tell whether you’re Attitude or Alignments on unless you test it, that’s where Action comes in. You kind of just have to do it and see how it feels. It’s in the listening, tweaking and refining comes the inner wisdom to “just know” what feels right, to be able to turn off that inner voice for just a moment and listen to your heart. That’s where the yoga is, turning inside and listening to your intuition, you know when you’ve got it, that’s when life suddenly aligns with you and all is clear.

For a bit, but we’re on our mat so we get to listen, tweak and refine all over again J

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