Friday, 5 August 2011

Unchanging change

There’s lots of contemplation happening with me at the moment and I find myself drawn into some really deep hip opening poses, repeating them over and over to see what new things will be reveled. This is odd since we’d usually associate this class of pose with the spring and autumn, when change is naturally occurring. That’s because hip openers can really affect significant change and growth in our lives, aligning beautifully with those tumultuous periods between summer and winter.

That being said, there’s always change happening, as the joke goes it’s the only thing which is consistent. There are big shifts happening in my own life and practice. It’s exciting but it’s also a delicate balancing act. When we have responsibilities and relationships we need to grow and expand within the boundaries that exist.

This is why I’m challenging myself with ever deeper hip openers at the moment. There’s stuff I’m ready to deal with now, stuff which I want to face and my practice has lead to. I know it’s not going to be an easy ride but the path of the heart isn’t always easy. It’s just that at some point we get so far there is no turning back. Something changed which can’t be unchanged.

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