Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Silence please!

I’ve been experimenting over the last couple of days with silence. It’s pretty hard for me as I’m pretty verbose at the best of times. However, what I’ve found is that by turning in and listening I actually do a lot more. Weird huh? So for me, here’s how that works. Wherever I am I try and tune into the silence. I’ve really noticed how much inner dialogue is going on and when I switch it off for a bit, how much more clarity I get, how I’m not bombarded with my own thoughts, judgments, preconceptions on the matter. It’s not like I’m trying to stop my thoughts, that would be pretty impossible. Rather, I’m looking at getting better at discriminating them: which are simply based on a preconceived set of notions and past experience and which are there as guidance for growth?

I’ve found that I can only really do this by being quiet inside. By being honest with myself. By allowing the stuff which I’m trying to mask with all of the bombardment of thoughts bubble up to the surface. And some days it’s not very nice. For me though, what’s the alternative? I don’t want to feel like I’m ever done, a complete package of spiritual enlightenment. How boring would that be and how on earth would I teach it if I didn’t remember the route back? It’s true, once we get on this roller coaster ride, there ain’t no getting off!

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