Thursday, 11 August 2011

Resting in what is

I’ve been so lucky this week to teach a wide variety of people, new and old students, to reconnect with lots of friends and really just have a blast in life. There is something completely freeing about aligning yourself with something higher, placing your whole heart there and then letting it go. Living in the moment is something we talk a lot about and it’s pretty difficult to get your head around unless you have some kind of practice. I’m really enjoying Christina Sell’s new book, My Body is a Temple which (amongst many other things and since I haven’t got to the end yet I can’t tell you what they are!) discusses the idea of practice as a necessary part of spiritual practice.

She describes Carlos Pomeda’s view that spirituality when it’s focused solely on academia is like being able to read a recipe without knowing how to cook it or being able to enjoy the food. The academic side of spirituality is fantastic and we definitely need a thorough grounding there, however, it feels a bit like you’re short changing yourself to not engage in some kind of practice. And why would you want do that? The answer is that we get cloaked, we get cloaked by all kinds of things and we lose our sense intrinsic goodness. The good news is that it’s always there, whether you choose to notice it or not. Then once you re-find it and the cloaks start to peel away, it’s like magic and you get to live in what is, what is now and then you get to enjoy each moment so much more.

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