Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Getting a lift from the Kula

So I really didn't want to practice yesterday. I came up with my favourite excuse of all time: I'm wearing my jeans. Bearing in mind I was in my house at the time which does include a fully loaded wardrobe. Never fear, I did eventually get on my mat but it did involve an hour of faffing around, finding out what the birds in the garden were doing, whether anyone had texted me. You know the thing.

One thing I also did was to update my Facebook status: Please can someone kick my butt onto my yoga mat. My dear friend dutifully obliged and as he's approaching 7ft I thought it best to pay attention. It worked, my mat was unfurled, then my practice was for my friend and became some much more than a series of poses, it becomes a connection to you and your community.

Kula, or community, is a big deal in Anusara yoga. It's not a passive thing, it's active and passionate and it's one of the things I love most about Anusara. Yes, I know I say that all the time but it really is! I love the fact that my teachers have shown me this path then got out of my way to let me stumble down it myself, only to know that if I shout out there'll be a chorus of responses. It's making me well up just thinking about it now. Really, it is.

There's been too many occasions to count when I've needed something, asked for help and it's been there, unconditionally and fast as lightening. To be supported in that way just means I want to shine my light even brighter. It's why I say a big fat THANK YOU to the universe every day!

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