Sunday, 29 May 2011

Rooting to rise

I’ve started to study the chakras in more depth this month, with the intention of really understanding how they work together to help us expand our consciousness more deeply. What’s really struck me as I begin this adventure is the idea that the chakras aren’t a ladder which we ascend and move on to the next level. I think this is a very human idea, the idea of completing one thing and moving on to the next. The reality is that we’re always rooted in what went before. And that’s a good think, it keeps us safe and grounded. It’s akin to not forgetting our past as we move forward into the future. Infact, something close to my heart is the way we choose to live our lives from this second on is in honour of what has gone before.

So as I move up through the chakras, it’s with an understanding that it all starts with the root, the muladhara chakra and that’s what roots me, literally with gravity. Additionally, the chakras are all interrelated, the opening or closing of one affects the others. I’ve already begun to notice how, when I’m unbalanced it can be traced back to one of the chakras and therefore, what steps I can take to bring them back into balance. It’s all very exciting and I can’t wait to learn more!

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