Monday, 16 May 2011

Honour and trust

We had a heavy rainstorm a couple of weeks ago which lead me to reflect on how a change in weather can change our mood and perhaps, in this case, be an opportunity to clear away some stuff which I’d been ignoring while the sunshine is out. I’m always grateful for these kind of changes, yes, even sun to rain as it allows me the opportunity to reconnect with what’s happening around me, rather than simply go with my will. This doesn’t mean that my practice is any less intense, when I get on the mat I mean it. However, I can mean it in different ways, ways which respect the cycle of nature and my own body’s cycles.

Of course, it takes time to understand what it is exactly your body needs and wants and not for it to be overtaken by the thinking minds: ifs, coulds, shoulds. However, what I’ve found is that when I actually honour these cycles, far from being diminished or held back (which is my usual reason for wanting to plow forward) my body is so much happier that my practice seems to take care of itself without my interference. Of course, this is trial and error and there’s a sense of trust and learning through playing. That’s the joy, that’s when we allow ourselves to be held by grace that’s when we get the bliss, ananda.

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