Friday, 6 May 2011

Rocking with the Kula

I got a super hit of Prana Shakti last night when I had the privilege of meeting up with my colleague Chris before going to our great teacher, Bridget’s class. It’s so special to arrive in a place and see so many welcoming faces. On top of that, I got to rock out in some yoga moves, so I was super happy.

This has kind of become my theme for the moment and I’m constantly contemplating how we can connect even when we’re not together. It used to scare me a lot when something ended that I’d never get that great feeling back again. What I’m learning is that every experience is valid and appropriate, wherever, we are. So we ride the difficulties with as much equanimity as we can muster which helps us appreciate the sweet times so much more.

My own practice is very important to me. I love going to classes, workshops and trainings and I definitely won’t be stopping that any time soon. For me being with my teachers, my practice and teaching are a fantastic triad which support each other, in a fantastically expansive way.

Yet, there’s a quiet contemplation which comes from following your own body and moving with that you can’t get when your with others. But here’s the triad full circle: I’ve found that my own practice connects me back to my teachers, which makes me happy which makes me raise my teaching game. This happens every time I plug in J

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