Saturday, 28 May 2011

Right here, right now

I took a wonderful class recently which explored the Tantric idea of bringing everything to the mat as a way to expand and grow. It’s clear now to me, through years of practice that there are parts of ourselves which we don’t like very much and try to push away, as if somehow we could rid ourselves of them. Douglas Brooks would say that there is nothing we need which we don’t already have and by the same token, nothing we need to get rid of.

I found this a liberating idea when I first grasped it. It don’t tend to slip and slide away from me when the every day pressures and stress of life come up. However, I now begin to notice myself and am able to realise that it is simply the situation and not something in me which is inherently awry. It’s freeing, what we cultivate and grow inside which express outwards and what your heart truly desires becomes self perpetuating as we project that with more clarity on the outside.

Simply to know that you are everything you are meant to be right here, right now is empowering. It means everything which went before and everything which is to come is meaningful. In spiritual practice nothing is wasted and that’s the kind of life I want to lead :)

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