Monday, 2 May 2011


I have a close friend who always asks me about yoga. He's genuinely interested and because I'm a total dork I can't help but plough forth with a massive spiel on whatever question I'm being asked about. Recently I've begun to rib him about actually getting on a mat and finding out for himself.

Then I realise I do this ALL the time myself. Find an excuse not to practice. We all do and I've long since stopped beating myself up about it. That only ends up with me taking a longer time to get back on the bandwagon. It's an interesting conundrum though, why do we resist so strongly the things which our hearts yearn for?

I certainly don't have an answer, it's just a pattern I notice in myself and a pretty strong one in others. What's interesting though is that is happens whatever your practice is, whether you're a fresh faced yogi or a seasoned practitioner with decades on the mat, there's often a "I don't do this well enough" comment on the cards. It's what the Tantrikas would call Karma Mala, the feeling of not being able to accomplish actions. Yes, the Yogis of the early Common Era had massive to do lists which they found overwhelming too.

So what to do? Flip over the coin and see  the other side of Karma Mala. Seeing what you can accomplish and where you already are. Here's the thing: if we didn't feel a little Karma Malic occasionally where would our passion come from? In a lot of ways we need it, so we can move forward. The trick is to be objective about it. The fact you're aware is pretty amazing, carry on with that line of enquiry, get on your mat, set yourself goals then let them go. Do it all with a smile on your face, it will change your life!

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