Monday, 30 May 2011

Hitting reset

This week I’m learning an enormous amount about my practice and what it means to honour the body. This comes directly from picking up some sort of bug which has taken all my energy and left me feeling like I want to hibernate for a week! Unfortunately the demands of my life aren’t going to let me do that any time soon so I need to tune into my yoginess and do what I can to recuperate within the boundaries I’ve been set.

So I apply the five principals of Anusara yoga. First, I soften and listen to what my body’s telling me. Then I make sure I have all the pills, potions and accouterments I know I’m going to need to make me feel better. Then I create as much space as I can, clear the diary throw away my to do list and cut everything back as far as I can. Then I focus on bringing into my body what will nourish and heal the most quickly. And finally, I trust my body that it so knows what it’s doing I can just let it do it’s thing and recover.

I’ve often heard that an illness is a bit like hitting the reset button. There’s something which needs clearing and the body shuts down extraneous systems so that the mind is forced to follow. It’s very cool, imagine what would happen if we just kept on and on, at some point we’d crash big stylee. I’m grateful for these little pauses, it’s a reminder of the intelligence of the body.

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